Healing Pawsabilities

Kelly Legarreta



*Owner of Healing Pawsabilities

Kelly is thankful to have the fabulous trainers listed above to take over the  behavior and training classes for the time being, so she can focus on her canine/equine massage clients, and animal massage students! During the summer- she is looking forward to teaching some Rally and K9 Fitness classes! Check the calendar (to be posted soon) for those classes TBA!

Be an Advocate for your Dog!

Unfortunately...the dog training world is not regulated... please make sure your trainer is certified (all of the Healing Pawsabilities Family are). Whatever trainer you use - ask where they went to school, what credentials do they have? What methods or tools do they use? Do they continue to take classes and seminars to further their behavior education? If you are not comfortable with a trainer or their methods- SPEAK UP! You are your dog's voice! We have many great relationships with other wonderful trainers- even if we can't help you or we are not the right fit for you - we can find you someone in your area who is. We want you to find a certified professional you are comfortable with.  Your dog is important to us. You are important to us.

Claudia Brooks



Available for Private lessons and Group Classes

Claudia currently teaches at our studio on Wednesday nights:

* Basic/Advanced Obedience/Manners

* Canine Good Citizen/Advanced Canine Good Citizen

* Therapy Dog Prep and Certification

* Puppy Classes (Super Puppy and AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy)

Megan Heins



Megan is our Trick Dog Instructor Extraordinaire and currently teaches at our studio on Thursday nights:

* Puppy Classes (Super Puppy I & II)

* Tricks 

Mary Frances Morris

239-400-3615 (**Note-This number CANNOT receive TEXTS- only voice mails)


Mary Frances does private in home lessons (as well as group classes in multiple locations). She is the ONLY Certified Canine Behaviorist in Lee County. She specializes in:

* Basic/Advanced Obedience/Manners

* Reactivity and Aggression

* Baby/Family Preparation & Management


Healing Pawsabilities and our trainers are proud to be one of the area's only force free training companies. We are dedicated to using science based, positive techniques for both our four-legged friends AND the humans who love them. It is imperative that our clients build lasting relationships with their animals, built on trust and motivation. Remember...positive doesn't mean permissive- we just don't use pain or fear to do it. Click on this link to visit the Pet Professional Guild - an organization dedicated to Force Free Professionals (for which Kelly was a founding member!). Membership to the PPG is open to anyone who loves dogs- whether your an owner or a professional in the animal field, and they offer incredible, educational resources!

Julie Armstrong



Julie is the only Certified Nose Work Instructor in our area,and currently teaches at our studio on Tuesday nights:

* Beginning Nose Work

* Advanced Nose Work


Group Classes taught at our Studio are $150 for 6 weeks. 

Drop in classes when available are $35 per class

Private lesson & in home training pricing varies per trainer.

Class Calendar Coming SOON!

For now- please contact your selected trainer directly for exact times and start dates!

Meet The Healing Pawsabilities Trainers!

Each Trainer is an independent Contractor -

Please directly contact the trainer that suits your needs!