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We are very excited to offer chemical free flea & tick control! To order or learn more about this amazing product- please click the red link to our independent distributor website for the Pet Protector!

Chiropractic Services


I am so happy to partner with

Dr. Nikki Bechtol, an amazing and gentle chiropractor, who is the animal chiropractor for the Naples' Zoo, and Shy Wolf Sanctuary.  Dr. Nikki is available for Chiropractic Services every 4-6 weeks at Healing Pawsabilities! Cost is $45, with multiple dog discounts. Let Dr, Nikki and I help your dog reach optimal wellness with a regular program of massage & Chiropractic. Please check the "upcoming events" page for her exact dates.


Canine Health

There is a product that is making waves in our canine community, and I am so excited to share it with my clients and I am seeing amazing results! Canine Health is a dietary supplement for dogs specifically formulated to reduce oxidative stress through Nrf2 activation, and it supports joint function, flexibilitiy and cognitive function. Canine Health is the Canine version of the Human Product Protandim and was developed by Life Vantage in conjunction with world renowned veterinarian, Dr. William Barnett, DVM. To learn more about Canine Health and Protandim, please contact me at 239-281-7777 as well as clicking the link above to see how this amazing supplement can enhance the lives of both you AND your dog!

Canine Massage

At our Studio: $45 per session

In Home Visit: $60 per session

(in the Cape Coral/FM area)

Cold Laser/LED Light Therapy is an additional $5

Discounts for Multiple Dogs.

Equine Massage

At your Barn: $125 per session

​(in the Cape Coral/FM area)

Cold Laser is an additional $10

Discounts for Multiple Horses.



Kelly is the Florida Canine & Equine Massage Instructor for the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage. Three levels of both Canine & Equine Massage are currently taught at our Fort Myers Studio. Each level is either a 4 or 5 day intensive seminar, with pre-course work, and Case studies to be completed after.

If you are interested in starting a career as a Canine or Equine Massage practitioner click the red RMSAAM  link above to see the calendar dates and learn more about this accredited school and the classes offered.

Canine Level 3 Students who come to our Cape Coral, Fl Campus have the amazing opportunity to work on the rescue wolves at Shy Wolf Sanctuary... The experience is truly incredible.

Visit Shy Wolf Sanctuary to see how you can support this beautiful organization.



I am Mobile! I can come to your home or stable, as is can be beneficial for your animals to be in their own environment. It is Safe and Familiar, and relieves the stress of traveling. But if your locations or other animals are not conducive to massage sessions in your home, you can bring them to our Studio in Fort Myers. We have mats, massage tables, relaxing music, and aromatherapy to make the experience as soothing as possible. I have over 11 years experience as a certified small and large animal Therapist, and I am very active in our sport dog community, with a vested interest in keeping our beloved 4-legged athletes healthy and sound. I am also the Florida Canine and Equine Massage instructor for RMSAAM (see side bar below) and I am honored to help certify other animal massage therapists who want to make a career helping dogs and horses!

For massage I typically recommend 4 sessions,

one per week for 4 weeks, and then bi-monthly or monthly maintenance sessions thereafter.

Athletes should receive weekly or bi-weekly sessions, depending on how often they compete. 

Call or text 239-281-7777 or email Kdogmassage@yahoo.com

to schedule your session today!!

Remember! Animal Massage is NOT a substitute for veterinary care, but rather a compliment to it. 

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